Sunday, 14 October 2018

Късни цветя в Лозенец/Late flowers in Lozenets

                                              Emerging once again from European Union,
                                              we’re back in his footsteps on this path
                                              by late-flowering apartment balconies.
                                              For a moment, it’s as if we’re in a film –
                                              not a high-concept blockbuster at the mall,
                                              but a comedy the critics would call ‘gentle’.

                                              Nothing much happens. We cross roads
                                              where marathon stragglers slow to a walk.
                                              A pigeon displays an iridescent flash
                                              around its neck. Our city’s metal labyrinth
                                              has shifted its walls. There’s no change
                                              in the till at the non-stop corner shop.

                                              And, yes, that’s the evening settling down
                                              to what we know. A local restaurant fills
                                              with fans of Sunday league football.
                                              There’s the smell of frying onions,
                                              a newly opened book, a list of verbs.
                                              And now comes a sort of hunkering down –

                                              the chill in the air, thick winter coats,
                                              a readiness for the journey towards spring.

Image: Marina Shiderova; text: Tom Phillips 

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